How Does an Antivirus Work

The virus became popular on messing up with your computer system and antivirus follows the path for familiarity due to the fact that they are used to protect your computer system. There is antivirus that is available online that you can have to fight the symptoms of malware infection.

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Antivirus: The Process

You are using antivirus to prevent malware from damaging your computer system but some only know how they get their jobs done. There are some features of an antivirus software that you might consider knowing.

  1. Background Scanning

This is also known as access scanning where the software scans all the files you had opened from the backend. This gives real-time protection to your computer system from malicious attacks and threats.

  1. Full System Scans

This feature is not really essential when you had scheduled or done with the access scanning. This feature is only essential if this the first time you installed an antivirus software or updated it just a few days ago. This is done to make sure that there is no malware hiding to any of your files or programs.

  1. Virus Definitions

As the name implies, this is identifying and defining what a virus has and updating the antivirus software to fight and control it. It is really essential for you to always update your antivirus software since malware also grows and updates. This will ensure that your device is fighting even the latest form of malware.

Antivirus: Ways of Getting Rid of the Threats

There are 5 basic ways that antivirus software is performing to get rid of computer threats.

  1. Signature-based Detection – checks all .exe files and validates it with the list of known viruses.
  2. Heuristic-based Detection – usually combined with signature-based detection where it helps in detecting new, variant, or altered version of a malware even if the virus definition was not updated.
  3. Behavioral-based Detection – only concentrates in detecting the characteristic of a malware when executed.
  4. Sandbox Detection – executes any applications used in the virtual environment to track what actions it perform.
  5. Data Mining Techniques – latest trend in detecting malware and helps in finding out if a program is malicious or not.

There is an awesome comparison of the best antivirus software that you should have on the internet. It will provide you the information which will make you asses on to what specific software you should purchase and use.