Fun Facts About Beef Jerky And Why You Should Start Eating It

Whether you’re already a huge Beef Jerky fan or just a humble being who likes to eat things, this snack will always have a place in your stomach. But do you know what you are getting from eating it?

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People are what they eat simply because what they eat can affect their body in ways they do not even notice. Naturally preserved Beef Jerky holds a great deal of benefits because the nutrients contained in the meat are locked inside the snack without the use of modern preservatives.

Bottom line is, Beef Jerky is very delicious but it also holds its own secrets and here are some of them:

It is (almost) completely fat free and (almost) good for your diet

Jerky is usually made with lean meat, trimmed of fat before being smoked or dried. This process causes nutrients to be locked inside the meat and in there you’ll see one of the highest concentrations of protein. A 1oz serving of protein can contain up to 15 grams of protein which can benefit the body in terms of muscle development. However, no food is perfect and no matter how natural the jerky was preserved, the snack will always contain a staggering amount of sodium, reaching up to 600mg per 1oz.

The purpose of turning meat into jerky was not to acquire a certain taste

Originally, turning meat into jerky was done to preserve meat. Back in the day when coolers did not exist, small tribes from the Americas would turn hunted or farmed meat into jerky since the whole animal would sometimes be more than enough for the whole community. This is also helpful when natural disaster struck them because Jerky can serve as emergency food when storms or droughts were taking place.

It has been to space more times than you have

Yes, as sad as it may sound, jerkies have been to space and you haven’t. In space, astronauts cannot exactly cook steak to get their daily source of protein and space organizations usually resort to packing them with jerkies. It is a perfect snack for long travels since it wouldn’t spoil as easily as fresh meat and it still contains a considerable amount of protein. If you really love jerky, be happy for it because it has fulfilled a dream that others cannot and that is to head to space.

With these facts, next time, eat your jerky more meaningfully. Well, don’t eat it if you’re concerned with the sodium it contains or if you are bitter because it has reached spaced faster than you have. Best way to get great jerky is through trusted chains like Geronimo Jerky which offer naturally preserved ones, and in different flavors.