Hoverboards And Where They Came From

The hoverboard is a fairly recent invention and was first presented in the world around February 2013. But there is a lot of controversies surrounding the ownership of this machine. Though this invention was created in the 21st century, the concept was fairly popular in science fiction. An author named M. K. Joseph first coined the term on 1967. The hoverboard was then popularized by Michael J. Fox when he used a fictional version in the movie called Back to the Future II.

In the movie, the hoverboard looked like a skateboard without wheel. It also used an Anti-gravity mechanism to allow the rider to float inches above ground. It basically was small flying surfboard that one can ride.

How to Ride it

At present the looked nothing like its science fiction counterparts. The biggest difference in the fictional one and the real one is, that the later does not float. It has 2 wheels that suspend the rider above the ground in a few inches. You move it by tilting the pad with your feet a bit forward, the hovercraft will accelerate. If you lean a bit backwards you will put it in reverse. You go left or right by putting your weight in either the left side or the right side of the board.

The controversies that surround the invention of the hoverboard are also a very hot topic. This is because it became such an overnight sensation a lot of people wanted credit for its patent. As early as 2001 there were rumours that an inventor named Dean Kamen was designing a hovercraft, that turned out to be false but he was designing a Segway human Transporter.

People Who Made Hoverboard Famous

In 2004 a team led by Jamie Hyneman built a makeshift hovercraft for the TV series the Mythbusters. His team combined a surfboard and a leaf blower, this however proved to be ineffective.

A French artist named Nils Guadagnin also tried to make a hovercraft in 2011 that lifts itself up by using a magnetic repulsion system. The board could float but could not lift a heavy load like a human body.

By the early part of 2013 the device that we now recognize as the hoverboard was unveiled. It had a slight problem with its overheating battery. After that issue was resolved, the demand for the machine only increased. Now multiple manufacturers like Swegways HQ are selling the products all over the world.